Cage double-seat control valve

The series sleeve two-seater regulator (hereinafter referred to as the sleeve regulator) is a kind of pressure balance type regulator, compact structure, small volume, simple structure, the valve body fluid channels in an s-shaped streamlined, with a small pressure drop loss, large flow, wide adjustable range.High accuracy of flow characteristic curve, good dynamic stability, low noise, low cavitation corrosion, etc.Because the valve core adopts a fluid pressure balance structure, it only needs a small operating force to achieve stable adjustment.

This series of regulating valves are easy to be made into corrugated pipe seal, heat dissipation plate, extended upper valve cover and other special structures.

1、body  2、cage(drilled holes)  3、plug  4、gaskets  5、bonnet  6、nuts  7、bolts  8、spring gasket  9、packing spring  10、spring gasket  11、packing  12、nuts  13、bolts  14、gland  15、”O” ring  16、packing press  17、”O” ring

Body Size:20~400 mm(1/2″~16″)

Rating:  ANSI Class 150,300,600 lb