Double Eccentric Butterfly valve

Nominal diameter : DN50~ DN600
Flow characteristics:Equal percentage
Type of connection : Wafer
Nominal pressure:PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,
ANSI Class 150LB,Class300 lb;
Flange standard:ANSI B16.5
Face to Face:ANSI B16.10






Double eccentric butterfly valve has been improved based on single eccentric butterfly valve.Its structure characteristics is that the axis of the stem not only deviates from the disc,but also deviates from the ontology center.With this double eccentric design,butterfly disc can quickly separated from the seat,which greatly eliminated the unnecessary excessive extrusion and scratches.It can reduce the resistance and wear once open,and improve the lifetime of the seat. Metal seat
can also be acceptable and will expand the application field in high temperature condition.

high performance double eccentric butterfly valve