General safety instructions

− The regulator is to be mounted, started up or serviced by fully trained and
qualified personnel only; the accepted industry codes and practices are to
be observed. Make sure employees or third persons are not exposed to any
− All safety instructions and warnings given in these mounting and operating
instructions, particularly those concerning installation, start-up, and maintenance, must be strictly observed.
− According to these mounting and operating instructions, trained personnel
refers to individuals who are able to judge the work they are assigned to
and recognize possible dangers due to their specialized training, their
knowledge and experience as well as their knowledge of the applicable
− The regulators comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. The EU declaration of conformity issued for a
regulator bearing the CE marking includes information on the applied conformity assessment procedure. This declaration of conformity can be provided on request.
− To ensure appropriate use, only use the regulator in applications where the
operating pressure and temperatures do not exceed the specifications used
for sizing the regulator at the ordering stage.
− The manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by
external forces or any other external factors.
− Any hazards that could be caused in the regulator by the process medium,
operating pressure or by moving parts are to be prevented by taking appropriate precautions.
− Proper transport, storage, installation, operation, and maintenance are assumed.