multi-path and multi-stages control valve

The Series BL108 valves are engineered specifically for critical anti-cavitation and low noise applications on liquids,gases or steam. Multi-stage cage controls flowing velocities in the valve trim by forcing the process fluid to follow a tortuous path of right-angle turns. The resistance to flow provided by these turns reduces fluid velocities significantly. Therefore, a vena  contracta is never formed in the trim and noise and cavitation are stopped before they can start.

1.Special sleeve with multi-hole, single-layer or with multi-hole, multi-layer design to control flow
2.Applicable to smaller pressure differential and higher flow rate
3.Valve trim capable of quick disassembly
4.Easy maintenance and replacement
5.Stellite material overlaid on areas subject to washing
6.Multi-ring grooves reducing pressure design
7.High temp resistance, flashing resistance, anti-cavitation

Technical Data:
Rating: ANSI Class 300、 600、900、1500、 2500、4500
Nominal Size: 20-400mm
Plug form:Pressure balanced plug type
Characteristics: Linear , Modified Linear , Modified EQ%
Inlet/Outlet Connection: flanged or butt-welded
Actuator: motorized, pneumatic or other