Production Safety

Protecting your people, plant and production come before everything else.

Production safety includes measures, practices, procedures, and equipment ensure safe, accident-free, and pollution-free production operations, as well as installation, repair, testing, maintenance, and operation of surface and subsurface safety equipment.

Subsurface safety valves are critical components of well completions, protecting production installations against the uncontrolled flow in case of catastrophic damage to wellhead equipment.

The valve design, material, and model are critical to its durability and reliability.

1. Each valve is a quality design, custom tailored to your needs.
At ProCv, quality begins with experienced engineers, aided by computer calculations and backed by continuous research and development in materials, flow and noise technologies. This way, we can accurately and repeatedly determine valve and system characteristics for various valve   sizes and materials based on your operating conditions. Our Contract Engineering group uses your operating data to generate the optimum  solution to your specific service. Most customer requirements can be met by using
We carefully pre-engineered, computerized design standards. Here, performance proven standardized parts are combined
For a custom-engineered solution to your specific needs. Precision’s standards and careful workmanship result in predictable and reliable valve performance of your plant.

2. Quality is an important part of the manufacturing process.
     Precision inspection is performed in-house at our Quality Control Laboratory, including a rigorous seat roundness measurement. Every valve seat ProCv builds is checked to a tolerance or 100 millionths of an inch. Highly sophisticated water chemistry tests are used in our QA program. We also perform tensile strength tests and cross section metallurgical analysis of manufactured parts. Microscopic analysis is used in examining the structure of material and parts used in our products. We can also provide our customers with environmental qualification for valves.

3. Control of quality at every step.
In-process inspection and lab testing are only a part of our Quality Control story. Assembled valves are carefully calibrated,
Adjusted and packaged before shipment to assure specified performance. Flow coefficient (Kv) and noise testing are also
Performed in-house. We also offer customer source inspection —where your QA experts visit our plant to watch in-process and final inspection tests before shipping and to examine our records of materials used. Whether your application is in nuclear power or in small sampling valves, you’ll receive a high quality product.

4. After-sale support. 

It’s only appropriate that the best service control valve you can buy comes with something equally important — some of the best after-sale support services available.

For the spare parts you know will work, with expert service help, with dependable field or shop rebuilds, specialized ProCv staff people are there to help keep your control valves operating at the performance levels you demand for years to come.
Our Spares group knows your valves — and the right replacement parts you’ll need down the line. Best of all, these are the right parts — not copies. They’re made to the original drawings and material specs, so you know they won’t let you valve — and your system — down.
When you need expert help right at your side, our Field Service people will be there — any hour of the day or night, anywhere in the world. They’ll help with the most pressing emergency repairs or the most routine maintenance check; and handle a complete filed rebuild and re-calibration or a simple spares inventory with the professionalism you — and we — can be proud of.