single-path multi-stage severe sevice control valve

Power Generation

Fossil and nuclear power plants, cogeneration (CHP) facilities and other industries handling high-pressure water or steam:
Reheat and superheat attemperator spray
Main and booster feedpump recirculation
Startup and main feedwater regulation
Deaerator-level control
Condensate booster pump recirculation
Atmospheric steam dump and steam venting
Turbine bypass
Turbine bypass spray
Sootblower control
Once-through boiler startup
(base-loaded and cycling units)
System startup: B&W, CE, FW and licensees
Auxiliary steam
Turbine seal pressure control
High-level heater drains
HP coolant injection (HPCI)
Reactor core isolation cooling (RCIC)
Core spray
Residual heat removal (RHR)
Steam generator blowdown
Pressurizer PORV
CVCS letdown
Pump test loops

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical

Production, transmission and processing, including
LNG and petrochemicals:
Production chokes
Separator-level control
Gas lift/injection
Injection pump recycle
Overboard dump
Gas regulator
Surge relief
Gas injection/withdrawal
Metering stations (active/monitor)
Compressor recycle/anti-surge
Hot gas bypass
Emergency depressuring/gas to fl are
Amine letdown
Expander bypass (JT valve)
Vent to atmoshphere
Feedwater regulator
Feedwater pump recirculation
Steam header pressure control

Symptoms of Cavitation
1.Noise when liquid-handling valves modulate or shut off
2.Valve components showing “pitting” damage
3.Poor process control with the valve