Top-guided globe Control Valves

The serials include follow types: pneumatic diaphragm top-guided globe control valve、 electric top-guided globe control valve、top-guided  F46-lined globe control valve.

Actuator selection: Spring-and-diaphragm, Pneumatic piston, Electric motor, Electro-hydraulic.

constructor  compact,flow path is “S” style in body,low pressure differential, low resistence coefficient and wide rangeability,flow charactristic is accurate for process, strong guide for travel.

bonnet constructor :bellows seal type、steam-jacket type 、Extension Bonnet ,etc.


a.  cage-guided constructor,stronger guided due to seal performance & longevity.
b. Quick change trims allows for easy of maintenance,no internal components are screwed and welded into valve body
or bonnet. low cost of maintenance in plants.

2. approximate uniform section of  “S” mould
low resistence coefficient,wider rangeability guide F46-lined globe control valve
F46、PFA;anti-corrosion, lining material :F46 and PFA
4. steam-jacket type
heat the medium in the pipe.
5. Bonnet type
Bellow seal type (Pressed or Welded)
Equal percentage,Linear, On-off.
7. material comply with NACE MR0175
8.Rating: 150#、300#、400#、600#、900#

according with industry standard
IEC60534 industry process control valve standards
flange standards:ANSI B16.5/B16.25